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Roy Kelly RN, Critical Care Nurse

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What is your current title and role?

I’m a Critical Care Registered Nurse.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the inner city of Detroit, Mi.

Tell us about your professional (medical, nursing, allied health, etc) school?

I earned my Associate Degree in Nursing at Wayne County Community College and my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at Eastern Michigan University.

Tell us about struggles and challenges in achieving your goal and how you overcame?

Even though I’m the first person in my family to work in the healthcare field I didn’t allow that to discourage me from becoming a nurse. There were times I felt I was at a disadvantage and wish I knew people who worked in these fields. I kept working hard, studying hard, and keeping a positive mindset and eventually, I found a nursing mentor. My mentor advised me to get an internship at the hospital to help bridge my knowledge gap. That internship was one of my best decisions and helped get me where I am today.

Please share with us about your family and your support group?

I have a diverse support group. Not only do I have family, but I also have friends, previous instructors, and mentors that help guide me.

Please share a memorable experience from your training that has stayed with you till today?

I once had an instructor tell me I’ll never be a nurse. I used this as motivation to be a better one.

Please share a memorable teaching moment.

A month ago, I taught one of the new graduate nurses how to place ultrasound IV catheters. Now I see him teaching others how to insert them and it feels gratifying.

Please share a highlight from your practice/current role.

I was recently nominated to receive a Daisy Award. This award is given to nurses to celebrate the most compassionate and extraordinary care.

Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of?

In the last 6 months I’ve successfully balanced many things simultaneously. Among these things were working 80 hours a week, going to school fulltime, maintaining a 3.5 GPA, earning my CCRN, and being a part of the Dotun Ogunyemi Foundation. I’m proud of all of these accomplishments equally.

What do you like and dislike the most about working in healthcare?

I love seeing people heal. Especially now during covid the best feeling is seeing someone reunited with family. I hate to see mistakes happen in health care.

What are three things that you are grateful for?

God, Family and good health.

What excites you outside medicine?

I love being active, exploring new places, and trying delicious foods. I have a passion for learning new things. Right now, I’m intrigued by crypto currency.

 What advice do you have for students interested in healthcare?

First, I’d commend them for being interested in this field. There are many amazing career choices to choose from.  Secondly, I recommend they shadow their top three career fields to learn more. Lastly, consider getting a mentor who works in healthcare to guide them along the process.

What do you think the student of today needs to be successful in matriculating and graduating from professional school (medicine, nursing, allied health, pharmacy)

When you want to drive to a new location the first thing you do is enter the address into GPS. Reaching your life goals are no different. The first thing students will need is direction. I recommend the students make a plan almost like a road map that they can follow to reach their goals. Additionally, a positive mindset and a good work ethic goes a long way too.

How would you advise or guide students to develop leadership skills, community outreach experience, research opportunities and clinical shadowing?

Join a club, be an active member and volunteer in the community.

How can we support and guide students to achieve good grades and be successful in standardized exams?

Everyone is a little different so making a plan tailored to the individual is best. While, I do believe high scoring students often have been exposed to a lot of material by completing practice questions or lectures. There are many resources online and in the community that are designed to help students improve their scores and standardized exams. Some of these resources I have used personally and would recommend certain services to those seeking to improve their scores.