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To increase the number of underrepresented minorities in the healthcare workforce as a step in combating health care disparities and increasing equity

What We Do For Our Students

The DOF Foundation is a 501C3 organization with a goal of increasing the number of underrepresented minorities and disadvantaged students in underserved and marginalized communities who successfully matriculate into medical school and other healthcare professions.

The pathway program is a longitudinal mentoring and enrichment program which includes support by mentors and coordinators who do a regular needs assessment of each student mentee used for individualized educational plan.

The DOF Pathway Program

DOF pathway provides mentoring, academic, enrichment, community-focused and support program for selected students with the goal of successfully matriculating into   medical school, and other healthcare professions.

Mentoring & Enrichment

Prepare, nurture and guide students to successfully matriculate into medical school or other healthcare professions.  Motivate and encourage students to reach their full academic potential. 

Support the interest and engagement of the students in health care knowledge and processes. Advise and guide the students with regards to college applications, interviews & selection. Be available and provide wise counsel to students regarding college life, class selections, study habits, and balance.

Academic Tutoring & Resource Support

Through observation, interactive seminars; problem-based learning sessions; and shadowing opportunities, students will enrich their approach to acquiring knowledge in career exploration endeavors, enhance critical thinking skills and gain important information about educational options and career paths in medicine.

We will assist students with preparing for standardized exams, college and medical school application process, personal statements, secondaries, and mock interviews.

Experiential Learning & Community Outreach

The DOF Foundation provides community health screenings throughout LA county with the participation of medical and college students. Students participate in patient interactions through checking blood glucose, hemoglobin levels, blood pressure, pulse & temperature. Students also engage in health education.

Students are exposed to foundation of research and discovery and have presented at many scientific conference and have been involved in publications.


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On Average, college graduates earn 56% more annual income than non college graduates.

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