DOF Foundation Pathway Newsflash

February 2024

King Drew Magnet High School Career Day 02/02/2024 Dr. Ogunyemi and CDU medical students attended the King Drew Magnet High School Career Day. They mentored the youth by describing their distanced traveled, and explained the necessary steps that must be taken to become the next successful generation of medical students and future physicians. Thank you to the CDU medical students in attendance! Clarence Sams Jalen Castille Sabrina Montgomery Nyoko Brown Austin Hudson Denise Willoughby

January 2024

DOF Simulation Workshop at CUSM 01/05/2024 The DOF Foundation hosted a Medical Skills Workshop at California University of Science and Medicine for premed college and high school students to expose them to a variety of skills and knowledge useful to their future careers in medicine. Students were introduced to a variety of workshops: Mock Interviews Workshop Patient History Taking Workshop Suturing Workshop Ultrasound Workshop Simulation Workshop Thank you to the CUSM faculty and medical students who helped organize and make this event possible. We hope that all who attended gained knowledge and experience, and we hope to continue organizing events for our students.

December 2023

Winter Wonderland by CAASA 12/9/2023 The DOF Foundation attended the Winter Wonderland Health Fair hosted by CAASA to provide health screenings to members of the Los Angeles community. Thank you to CAASA for inviting DOF to take part of this amazing community event, and to our volunteers who helped make this possible. Drew Richard, Bria Mayes, Edith Soto, Hannah Ghamsari, Cortez Johnson, Keytante Ogunyemi, Eddie Ogunyemi, and Eduardo Arellano.

November 2023

The DOF Foundation provided health screenings today at West Angeles Church in Los Angeles for their Christmas in November Health Fair. Thank you to Dr. Glover for collaborating with us West Angeles Church for having us! Also thank you to all of our screening volunteers for making this screening possible! Drew Richard, Clarence Sams, Jordan Alvira, Elias Geronimo, Keytante Ogunyemi, Eddie Ogunyemi, Aundre Price, and Eduardo Arellan

October 2023

Black Health Matters Health Fair 10/07/23 The DOF Foundation attended the Black Health Matters Fair October 7 2023 to provide free health screenings, including checking blood glucose, hemoglobin levels, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and cholesterol levels as well as providing health counseling. Thank you to Black Health Matters for having us, and to all the volunteers who helped in providing the screenings to the members of our community: Amir Teixeira, Drew Richard, Clarence Sams, Matthias Ojo, Jalen Castille, Taylor Michelle, Bria Mayes, Emalee Campos-Mendez, Khoa Tran, Bryan Chavez, Eduardo Arellano, Keytante Ogunyemi and Eddie Ogunyemi

September 2023

The DOF Foundation and CRDMS joined forces for a Mentoring Network event. Dr. Randy Hawkins of CRDMS guided the discussions, and Dr. CS Cutter reviewed the 5Ds of upstanding: direct, delegate, display, distract, and delay. Residents/fellows from various medical fields, including Charles Drew University Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Child Adolescent Psychiatry, along with residents from Harbor UCLA and a fellow from USC, generously shared their experiences and advice with medical students. We're grateful for the presence of Dr. Jean Louis Benae, an accomplished neurosurgeon and CDU UCLA alumni who traveled from Dallas to attend this event. Special thanks go to Abayomi, Vince, Jasmine, Shakeela, Eduardo, and our oncology and hand surgeons, whose insights benefited both students and residents. We appreciate the participation of all CDU students. Our prayers are with you, and we believe in your future success!"

August 2023

The DOF Foundation is dedicated to disseminating valuable health-related information and ensuring that underserved communities are well-informed about their health. We proudly participated in the health screening event in Lancaster, organized by CAAASA, where college and medical student volunteers conducted essential tests for blood glucose, blood pressure, hemoglobin levels, and oxygen saturation levels. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated volunteers who made this event possible: Drew Richards, Fatimatou Saka, Matthias Ojo, Madilynn Reynoso, Elias Gonzalez, Eduardo Arellano, Eddie Ogunyemi, and Keytante Ogunyemi. Your selfless contributions are truly appreciated.

July 2023

The DOF Foundation is committed to providing health related information and ensuring that underrepresented communities are aware of the health by volunteering at the health screening event in Lancaster, organized by CAAASA. College and medical student volunteers performed test for blood glucose, blood pressure, hemoglobin levels, and oxygen saturation levels. Thank you for all who participated: Amir Teixeira, Drew Richard, Eduardo Arellano, Keytante Ogunyemi & Eddie Ogunyemi.

June 2023

The DOF Foundation gives back to the communities by participating in health screenings and counseling on various health concerns in collaboration with Edwin N. Kendrick, MD in Riverside, CA, June 17, 2023. DOF volunteers' dedication to serving their communities shines through their valuable contributions. Thanks to Drew, Khoa, Carlos, Eduardo, Cytlaly & Keytante.

May 2023

Meeting with ACGME Vice President of Wellness; Dr. Stuart Slavin Pre-med students engaged in a conversation with pediatric physician and wellness scholar Dr. Slavin on the significance of mental health and the need to raise awareness for this cause as early as middle school and high school. The conversations centered around promoting mental wellness and advocating for resources to support the mental health needs of students, with the goal of ensuring a healthier future generation of healthcare professionals.

February 2023

This month, in The DOF Foundation: At the 2023 ACGME conference we gave a poster presentation using a virtual simulation workshop to increase the competency of interns in effective feedback skills. We also gave a workshop on "Plugging the leak - creating an inclusive and equitable environment for UiM residents" Also, two of the DOF Foundations's Medical Students Kendal Johnson and Sarah Choe guided and mentored upcoming medical students on at least 7 MCAT tutoring & counseling sessions! We are proud to announce our very own, Dotun Ogunyemi, MD was awarded the Society Of Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) Diversity, Equity, and inclusion Award 2023.

January 2023

The DOF Foundation continues to provide health screenings and our DOF medical students provided short presentations discussing Vaccination, RSV, Diabetes, and Blood Pressure ‚Äča local health event.

November 2022

The DOF Foundation was honored to attend the Youth health awareness fair, part of Project Joy's Health Series. This event featured remarkable medical specialists, community leaders and advocates focused on empowering youth and families health.

August 2022

Kicking off our Enrichment Workshop, Dr. Dotun Ogunyemi walked our mentees through a mental phenomena know as A.N.T.S. - Automatic Negative Thoughts - depicting the various forms of ANTS we deal with on a regular basis, the harmful remifactions they can pose on an indivudals professional, academic, and personal identity, and various methods to cope and subdue these rampant thoughts through the excercise of positive thinking and thoughtful planning.

May 2022

Starting off our Workshop, Dotun Ogunyemi MD led this month's wellness presentation on the value of optimism. Students participated in surveys on dispositional optimism and decision making styles to gain self-awareness of their specific outlook on life whether more positive or negative. Students learned about positive thinking, and reframing to increase resilience. They were also learned how to create an optimistic mindset

April 2022

Greetings from the DOF Foundation! We hope you all had a safe and wonderful Easter Weekend. We are excited to update you all with all the exciting events that have taken place for the month of April!

January 2022

Happy New Years from the DOF Foundation! We are excited for the new year and look forward to our future collaborations and accomplishments in the months to come!

November 2021

Medical Students participated in a simulated group activity with each student providing constructive feedback to a standardized learner. Subsequently. they were taught the qualities of effective feedback , and participated in a second simulated scenario implementing the guidelines they reviewed.

December 2022

During December 2022 The DOF Foundation continued to feed the homeless in DTLA, provided health screening - blood pressure, pulse, BMI, oxygen saturation to name a few. We also had our End of the Year event, which included food, reflection interviews, and the new Avatar movie.

October 2022

The DOF Foundation was honored to attend the Black Health Matters Fall Health Summit. This event featured remarkable medical specialists, community leaders and advocates focused on improving African American health. The DOF Foundation was also greatly honored to provide health screenings to the Antelope Valley community, courtesy of Project Joy and the SPA 1 Regional Community Alliance

July 2022

In the month of July 2022, the DOF Foundation enjoyed a presentation on the liver and its benefits to the body and went on an Amazing trip to Venice Beach. The students, mentors, and foundation team enjoyed bike riding, volleyball, body surfing, and sun tanning. Following the trip to Venice, a surprise birthday for mentee Eddie Ogunyemi took place.

May 2022

In the month of July 2022, the DOF Foundation enjoyed a presentation on the liver and its benefits to the body and went on an Amazing trip to Venice Beach. The students, mentors, and foundation team enjoyed bike riding, volleyball, body surfing, and sun tanning. Following the trip to Venice, a surprise birthday for mentee Eddie Ogunyemi took place.

March 2022

DOF Foundation is honored to have the opportunity to take our pathway mentees including high school, college and post-bacc students on a field trip to California Hospital Medical Center, Los Angeles. They were led by our medical student mentor Amir Teixeira and coordinators; Jacob and Abel.

December 2021

We at the DOF Foundation bid you and your families a peaceful, blessed, and wonderful holiday season. We thank you all for your continual support and encouragement in our endeavor to support our communities.

October 2021

Pathway Program Students (photos above) attended an education and enrichment program on September 25, 2021 via Zoom where students were taught the importance of self compassion, participated in an FAQ regarding academic success for their college requirements, mapped out their academic and personal goals, and listened to a presentation by a medical student.